As a game author I am aware and listening to those who love board games and wargames and would like to give me support and advice to improve this project and make it fit for publication. So if you are a gamer, experienced or not, a game author or an editor and you want to leave me an advice or a comment, this is the right place – you can comment or write to me by filling in the form below:

    Inventing games is the natural consequence of a life spent around gaming tables, of all kinds. For me – gaming – is expression and it comes naturally to me – games are my favourite tools that allow me to relate with others through lightness, challenge, creativity and fantasy. Of all the worlds explored through play and literature, I find that the Fantasy setting has the power to lead me into imaginary spaces of magic, heroism and adventure.

    Carlo Di Natali

    Explorer, engineer, freelancer, filmmaker, researcher, holistic therapist, meditator… none of these labels I feel can really be applied to me; it is not interesting to define oneself and let oneself be defined! That’s also why I play and like to invent new games!

    I was asked how this wargame came about?

    Well, someone imagined it, reading the setting so carefully and coherently. Erthuan, fine temporum was born as part of a long Dungeons & Dragons campaign that I mastered for many years and that led players to become heroes and generals of armies with thousands of soldiers with which they wanted to conquer lands and cities to oppose the Lords of Chaos and their intent to dominate the world 😉

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