Erthuan Fine Temporum is a strategy wargame with a Fantasy setting that pits the factions of Order and Chaos against each other in an epic clash of armies, magical creatures and heroes.

Players are called upon to take on the role of heroic generals in the service of the rulers of one of the six kingdoms that contest this region of the continent of Erthuan, and side with one of the two factions of Order or Chaos. The player-generals will plan war strategies and lead their armies in battles to conquer Portals, strategic locations and the various settlements scattered across the game map, and in so doing will try to achieve their goals and defeat the opposing faction.
To make their faction prevail, players will have at their disposal different types of troops, special characters, war machines and spells that can be recruited or found in the course of the military campaign.

The game is for 2 to 4 players and matches last from 90 to 150 minutes.
The standard game mode is All vs. All, but in 4-player games there is the option of playing Alliance in pairs: 2 players from the Realms of Order against 2 players from the Realms of Chaos.

Erthuan is both a game of movement of armies on the map of the territory and a game of Cards.
Special Troops, Special Characters, Elite Troops, Base Troops and Mercenaries, and Settlements are all represented by special Cards, and the two factions of Order and Chaos have their own troop decks. On each Card, the Strength, Vitality, Victory Point value of the troop or settlement and any Skills are indicated.
Each player to create his Armies chooses to group together, according to his strategy, the initial Troop Cards and then those he receives as recruits.

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