Portals are Magical Gates that lead to other vibrational dimensions, Planes and Worlds other than the Material Plane and from which energies, creatures and powers come in accordance with the Divine Laws of Creation that the Greater Deities have devised. The Portals were built at the dawn of the creation of the world by the Immortal Gods who placed them as sacred places of communication and interface with the Higher Planes where the Gods are. They are magical places not associated with a precise architectural construction, their location is neither fixed nor known, and they shift in space and time.

The Lords of Chaos have made the conquest of Portals their main objective; controlling and closing a Portal causes the weakening of the Spiritual Forces of Creation that represent the Energy and Presence of the Major and Creator Gods in the material world. Each closed Portal corresponds to the disconnection of the world from the Creator Forces of the Gods. The closing of a Portal weakens the Divine Order of Creation, thus favouring new possibilities, a new course towards which the Masters of Chaos intend to force the world!

On the other hand, the Forces fighting for Order intend to defend the Portals by keeping them open to foster the energetic and spiritual influx through them into the world to preserve its beauty, seasonal cycles, balance and harmony of nature.

Battle between Order and Chaos for Portals
Battle between Order and Chaos for Portals

The Black Kings fight a war simultaneously on the material plane and on the plane of the spirit.
On the material plane they seek to conquer city after city, territory after territory to increase their power over the peoples and creatures they subjugate. The domination of the forces of Chaos over the peoples is enacted through fear, corruption, degeneration and enslavement; monstrous creatures are created through physical corruption and moral poisoning, enslaved with terror and manipulated by their obsession for power and individual domination.

On the plane of the spirit is their battle against the Supreme Order of Creation and against the Greater Gods whom they intend to oust from the hearts of mortals to replace them with new Gods; themselves. To achieve this goal, the Lords of Chaos know that it is necessary to have control of the Multidimensional Portals scattered over Erthuan.

If all the Portals were to be conquered by one of the forces in the field, this would have unimaginable consequences; it would in fact cause the Cosmic Happening capable of initiating the New Age. The Lords of Chaos through war are forcing the whole world inevitably towards the Happening, the outcome of which will be determined by those who succeed in gaining complete control of all the Portals, and which may change the face of the world by initiating a new Age.

Will it be an Age dominated by Chaos or will Divine Order restore peace?

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