The Gash in the fabric of the worlds

The continent of Erthuan had been living a long period of peace and prosperity.

The descendants of the sons and daughters of Emperor Beriagar ruled over the kingdoms and counties that were once part of the unified Great Empire. They preserved the laws and the culture which had blossomed during the Age of Dream when a hero of past times had unified and pacified Erthuan with his strength and wisdom. Elves, dwarves, and humans had cultivated harmonious relations based on respect and trading. Knowledge of the Laws of Creation, the Magical Arts, and the Alliance with the Power of the Gods was elevating the people’s awareness and the strength of scholars and clerics.

In the year 855, after the death of the Emperor, in a city in the Kingdom of Salonthur, a wicked dark wizard by the name of Malédikus tried a perilous spell; his goal was to bring the Worlds of the Multiverse closer to the Material Plan to draw from their power.

His magic experiment got out of control, though, and the energy he had conjured opened a multidimensional gash. This breach was promptly used by three Immortal Entities, which passed into the material world, breaking one of the Laws of Creation: Gods and Demigods must not directly and personally act on this plane. This deed marked the end of the spiritual balance on the Divine Plane, but it also impacted the Material Plane, for in that moment Erthuan was condemned to a new era of disunion, war, and suffering in a struggle for dominance between the two ancestral forces of Chaos and Order.

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