Golden Dragons

The Great Golden Mother of Dragons had the feeling that Erthuan’s energetic field had been disrupted since the first moment the Chaos Lords set foot in our world. Despite being unable to move, due to her old age and mighty proportions, her wisdom and awareness were such that she knew a grave threat was looming on the horizon. But time flows differently for dragons, and it took near sixty years for her intuition to become a certainty and a warning message to be sent out to the other Master Dragons. In 911, the Dragon Gathering received the revelation that those who had been called Black Kings and had been conquering lands and people all over the continent for years were, in reality, Immortal Beings, Demigods of Chaos who had trespassed, infringed the Divine Will, determined to bring suffering and destruction to the world.

The Dragons decided to appeal to the gods, for which Finturgar was sent Finturgar, with a flock of bronze dragons, to the Allgods Temple, where Lendor, the Emissary of the Gods, was waiting. Lendor answered the dragons’ questions, and the Greater Gods’ request became clear: “It was up to the inhabitants of the material plan to protect themselves from the threat posed by the Chaos Lords, no God or Demigod would appear to save them, for the Laws forbade it, and for this reason the Chaos Lords were gravely guilty. The Greater Gods promised their invisible help to all those who would rise to face the threat that Chaos was posing to reality, and the valour and glory these champions would gain by defending the Divine Laws of Creation would elevate them to the level of the immortal heroes of the ancient myths.”

When the Gathering finished listening to Lendor’s message, they were deeply disturbed, and more time passed before the Circle of Master Dragons could decide a course of action. The dragons accepted the challenge of defending the world and the Laws of Creation, they would fight Chaos on the front lines. Their power and terrifying presence would bring the Law to prevail over the Black Kings.

Minotauro campione dell'arena


Campione dei nani berserker


I cavalieri profanatori del Tharghilion


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