Knights of the King
Knights of the King of Salonthur

Salonthur is a rich and multicultural coastal kingdom where peace and justice reign. The royal family descends directly from Emperor Beriagar, and the current King, Vandor, is a wise and fair ruler, beloved by his subjects and well respected by the leaders of the neighbouring cities. Like his predecessors, he has promoted the worship of the God of Justice, the Goddess of Healing, and the God of Wisdom.

The ancient knightly orders have stayed strong in their traditions, and becoming a Knight is a dream for the youths of Solonthur, an ideal of discipline and purity. This enthusiasm ensures honourable and valiant knights, faithful to the King, defenders of the realm and its populace.

Since Carante and the coastal villages had long lived with the constant threat of the minotaur pirates, the ports were fortified, and the merchant vessels were always escorted by warships. Nonetheless, the news of Taras Mina’s conquest by the Executioner King had stirred up great concern, so much so that the King resorted to inviting the neighbouring rulers for a meeting. (year 926)

The arrival of a Golden Dragon and the revelation of the Executioner King’s true nature shocked all the attendants. He told them that the Executioner King was no minotaur, but an immortal Demigod, Chaos Lord, bringer of annihilation, destruction, and madness. Prince Glòredhel, the envoy of the elves, suggested they follow the dragons’ example and prepare for war. He thought the Black Kings wouldn’t be content with the lands they had already taken, but would soon start to pursue their realms as well. The Patriarch Nom Bardewer, enlightened by the Vision of a momentous clash between the ancestral forces of Law and Chaos on mortal grounds, declared that his horse-riding paladins would defend the Laws of Creation and the Gods anywhere it would prove necessary for the good of all beings. If King Vandor was able to strike an immediate mutual assistance agreement with Glòrhedel and the elves, the Dorkhome dwarves were hesitant about a war alliance, preferring to stay neutral and promising the sale of the best quality weapons and armour; clearly, they also had economic interests to defend with the Black Kings.

Horse-riding Paladins
Horse-riding Paladins
Campione dei nani berserker


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