The rulers of the Erthuan Realms have assign the management of the war to their most trusted and loyal leaders. Experienced strategists to lead the realm’s armies, to ensure its defence and the achievement of the ruler’s goals.

Heroic characters such as Punkarf Redaxe, King of the Dwarves, the Elven Prince Glòredhel, Archmage Cyna, the Paladin Patriarch Nom Bardewer for the ORDER while for the CAOS there is the Warlord of the Arconti, Lord Sarnath, the Reaper, the Necromancer and for the Minotaurs the Champion of the Arena. Legendary characters whose mere presence in combat will make the hearts of opposing troops tremble, with the ability to change the outcome of the toughest battles in the conquest of contested places.

General of Salonthur
Trofx, the General of Salonthur

Special Characters and Special Troops if used well can settle the game and make the difference in the battles in which they are deployed.
Compared to other troops, Special Characters and Special Troops are harder to hit; they have a higher Vitality score so they can only be hit by Serious Wounds. They also have 1 to 3 Skills and a generally high Strength score.


Special Characters and Special Troops are endowed with ‘special’ resources such as magic, magic items, and the ability to fly, so they are able to participate in a battle to determine its outcome and a few days later find them on the other side of the continent boosting the morale of the capital’s defenders and then be spotted on the battlefield to conquer one of the Portals.

Necromancer of Shinlam
Nicotilis, the necromancer of Shinlam


Special characters and some Troops have one of these Skills that affect the outcome of combat, with the possibility of turning a stalemate into a loss of position or forcing the opposing army to retreat.

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