Defiler Knights
Defiler Knights

After corrupting and bringing the wild elves to damnation, the Lord of Betrayal and Deceit changed his appearance again, presenting himself to the men of Tharghilion as a wealthy merchant. With his irresistible charm, he offered the men riches, magical artefacts, and properties in exchange for their souls. Those who accepted the pact were raised to the comforts of nobility, yet their soulless bodies soon became a receptacle for cursed demons ready to serve the one who had given them a body.

These new nobles called themselves archons and settled in Tekard and the surrounding counties, gaining power and drafting soldiers. They met secretly, performing blood rituals to please the Chaos Lord, and receiving instructions and strategies from him. Lord Sarnath, was the most gifted among them and a skilled commander and knight. He was the Chaos Lord’s favourite, and for him, he assembled an army of disgraced knights, now willing to fight to get revenge for their lost status.

Archon of Tharghilion
Archon of Tharghilion

The Archons seized power on the Night of Bloody Limbs (928) when Lord Sarnath and his knights, to whom the Chaos Lord had promised the crown, occupied the Royal palace, imprisoning Prince Greygor and slaughtering the entire court. However, the Chaos Lord broke his promise and kept the crown for himself, becoming King of the Archons and Tekard. He left Lord Sarnath the command of his knights, to whom he gave the order of defiling and sacking every temple in the realm dedicated to the Greater Gods, killing clerics and believers alike.

Soon the Archons began to compete among themselves by any means possible: planning shady business, murder and revenge, enslaving creatures and monsters, all to gain power and the King’s favour. Tekard thus became a dangerous place where anything was possible. For this reason, it kept attracting mercenary merchants and ruthless adventurers.

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