The territory of Erthuan is dotted with various settlements; villages, towns, cities and strategic locations such as castles, temples and stelae of Magic. The heart of the continent, depicted on the map, is divided into six Realms all of which are engaged in the battle between Order and Chaos, but many regions and peoples are still free and therefore considered neutral. Of the Realms present in Erthuan, three belong to the Chaos faction and are led by the Black Kings, the Lords of Chaos who intend to subjugate the world and its inhabitants, and three other Realms are ruled by Sovereigns loyal to the defence of the Laws of Creation.

The Realm of SHINLAM, with its capital in Koldmont, is ruled by the Lord of Unlife and Undeath. The Black King has subjugated the inhabitants of the lands through fear and mind control, creating an army of zombie-men, Undead and Wraiths. At the northern border of Shinlam lies the Temple of Death, it is here that clerics led by the Necromancer Nicotilis receive supplicants asking for eternal life and turn them into Undead. The Lord of Chaos has entrusted the leadership of his armies to Vlal Ashen, a ruthless vampire skilful strategist whom he has transformed into a Son of Night.

The Realm of CALENCUT is under the rule of the Lord of Destruction, known as the Slayer-King, who has chosen Taras Mina as his capital. Minotaur warriors and pirates are the backbone of his armies, although the bulk of the troops are orcs and the many slaves the minotaurs have captured in their raids. The Black King has entrusted the command of his armies to a new Champion of the Arena, who has won fame with courage, strength and cunning.

The Realm of THARGHILION, whose capital is Tekard, has been subjugated by the power of the Lord of Betrayal and Deception. The Black King has brought forth new lords, a nobility elected by his favour and powers granted by him, who have called themselves Archons. The population, mostly human, suffered and blamed the violent transformation of the entire country, venting their fear in the war that the Lord of Chaos invoked. To lead the armies, the trusted Lord Sarnath, former commander of the Defiling Knights, was chosen, while to lead the hordes of werewolves and cursed elves, the Lord of Chaos chose a ruthless murderous Arconte, known as the Reaper.

The Kingdom of SALONTHUR is ruled by King Vandor, descendant of the heroic Emperor Beregar and defender of the values of Loyalty and Justice. The humans of this country have maintained good relations with both elves and dwarves thanks to their skill in trade and the maritime position of Carante, the capital. Knightly orders and paladin monasteries make the realm a bastion for the defence of the Order of the Creation of the Gods. For the war against Chaos, the King has entrusted the command to General Trofx while Patriarch Nom Bardewer has chosen the Champion of Law to lead the paladins.

The Elven Realm of ENIDEL is led with grace and wisdom by the Queen of Roses, Elianor. The power of this people is intrinsically linked to Nature and Magic, aspects that descend from Divine Laws. The Princes of the elves have gathered the soldiers, knights, rangers and archers, finding in each the conviction and passion to fight. Prince Glòredhel was entrusted with leading the armies, while the supreme arts of Archmage Cyne, summoned from the Stone of Magic, were entrusted with the defences of Anidol, the capital.

King of dwarf
Punkarf, King of dwarf

The DUNCLAND Dwarf Realm is ruled by King Punkarf Redaxe, possessor of the Belt of Dwarf Kings. Punkarf with courage and wisdom has been able to unite the Dorkhome dwarf people with the berserker dwarf people, among whom he himself originated. Embracing differences as a value, he was able to accept the alliance proposals of elves and humans, understanding the danger of the Black Kings. He invited the Master of the Berserkers to fight in battle against Chaos, and unique among all the rulers of the Realms he chose to lead the dwarven armies to victory himself!

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