Ensnared dragons

In the year 917, some young dragons, annoyed by the lengthy decision-making of the Circle, decided to leave. Caught up in the frenzy of wanting to demonstrate their valiance, they planned a surprise attack on the Black Kings. They were guided by Oxhargon, who wished to show his strategic capability and worth in battle. He brought two flocks, each made up of a dozen dragons, toward Koldmont, where the King of the Unliving ruled. But Chaos’s power was already strong, and Koldmont was surrounded by magical barriers that formed a thick net of mist and illusions. Confusion and dismay struck the dragons, and they were separated, isolated and lost; soon they had to find shelter on the ground to hide from the wraiths that infested the skies. But the land turned out to be even less hospitable. The dragons found marshes and bogs, sickened nature where they remembered forests. The Lord of Non-Death himself appeared to Oxharon to control and possess his will; he took the form of a spirit and entered Oxharon’s body, pushing aside the dragon’s conscience. Once in total control, he set out to find the other dragons and enslave them with magic and the power of his unstoppable will. One by one, he caught them, their spirits trapped, their bodies and hearts corrupted, so they may never remember who they were before, whence they came, what their ideals or mission were.

These dragons were the first to join the ranks of Chaos, and later many more were tricked, some even deliberately choosing to betray the Master Dragons’ decisions in order to obtain greater power and treasures from the Black Kings. Many are the dragons now fighting ferociously, entirely subjugated to the Chaos Lords’ will, a terrifying weapon at their disposal.

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